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PASSOVER (or PESACH)Passover (Pesach) has long been one of my favorite holidays — Jewish or otherwise. As such, it’s also a favorite of Max Golanski’s.  In fact, one of the chapters in the book I most enjoyed writing was Max’s recollection of a Passover Seder celebrated with his family in Poland, around 1927.

In anticipation of the holiday I would love to share some favorite Kosher-for-Passover recipes from YOU (alongside one or two of my own).  If you have a favorite that you would like to share, please forward it to me BY MARCH 29, 2012.  (If you have a photo of the dish, contact me via FaceBook for instructions as to how to email it to me directly.) I’ll select a few recipes to be included in the “Passover” post, which will go out prior to the holiday so those still planning holiday meals can check out a few new menu ideas.

As I have no idea how many of you might have great dishes waiting to be passed along (puts new meaning behind the term “Passover”– forgive the pun), please do not take it personally if yours isn’t posted. Please make certain that the  recipe is “Kosher for Passover.”  However, should you have some wonderful Jewish recipes that are not necessarily Kosher, please hold on to them as we may add a page dedicated to Jewish cuisine.

If you would prefer not being acknowledged publicly for your family recipe, let me know and your name will be withheld should it be selected. Otherwise, you will be credited, as is proper.

By the way, I finally figured out how to add the “Rate This” feature (Whoo Hoo!). Please feel free to add some stars should you be so inclined.