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After working for over twelve years to complete the first draft of my novel, it’s been exciting to tell the world that my labor of love is drawing nearer to publication.

Whether that means a gifted agent will swoop in and embrace Max’s story, making a case for its publication by a traditional publishing house, OR I follow the route of independent publishing so many authors are now choosing quite successfully is yet to be determined.

In either case, I’ve been delighted by the interest expressed by those who’ve learned about my work. The obvious first question is generally, “So, what’s it about?” and nothing gives me greater pleasure than responding! With that in mind, I realized that sharing an overview of the story on my blog was past due and have added a page presenting the novel’s SYNOPSIS.

It’s reassuring to know that there is a lively community of inquisitive minds who read voraciously and enjoy getting “sneak previews” to a work of art in progress. There is still a long road ahead.  From completing the first draft to having a final manuscript ready for publication entails further revisions, research, and expert guides to navigate unfamiliar waters.

Writers produce their work in the quiet of solitude, which (while necessary) can also be a very lonely place.  We write for the love of writing, and the hope that the images that dance through our minds will add something to the human dialogue. Having a supportive partner, friends, other writers, and all of YOU egging me on truly makes it all the more worthwhile.

Please take a moment to check out the SYNOPSIS just added to the blog (top of the page).  I so appreciate your questions, comments, support, and partnership in the process of building a community around GOLANSKI’S TREASURES!

Many Thanks!


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